News: We work for the upliftment of the poor and destitute by helping them achieve socio-economic independence, self - sustainability and health. We do everything from providing educational and health services to the needy, Agriculture activities in rural areas, mainstreaming marginalized street children, making low-literate youth employable and empowering women. We help those in need with full respect, love and commitment. 


Art is a vast subdivision of cultural activity, composed of many creative endeavors and disciplines. The arts encompasses visual arts, literary arts and the performing arts. We at Manpower Seva inspire young and talented artists to take up new challenges in the field of art and achieve new heights in their carriers. With your support and help we can reach out many other budding artists and talents across the country.



Social Exhibitions are a powerful marketing tool. They provide a platform to promote your product or service to a group that may have little or no knowledge of your services. They also offer an opportunity to meet existing and potential customers. We encourage local bodies and communities to set up various exhibitions on local level for public awareness about certain offers and schemes available in market regarding consumer products and services. We share regular updates with our followers and members related to such exhibition programs happening in city in various localities.


The sole purpose of Manpower Seva to organize the public events is so that a group of people will convene in one particular place for one particular purpose at a given time. Now there could be various purposes such as a wedding, a business networking function, a communal gathering, Puja etc. All of which is to come together to explore that purpose. Social events have direct and indirect impacts on communities. They provide opportunities for participation, skills development, volunteering and social, cultural economic and environmental developments. Community events and festivals can attract tourists and visitors at regional and national level. We encourage more and more groups to participate in oursocial events and help us organize more events on regular basis for public benefits and Pro bono.


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